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question sur figaro nissan homologation

Publié le par christian le galliard

Nissan Figaro
I also have a Nissan Figaro that I would like to register in France. Can you do the work that would make it acceptable for a Control Technique?






Hello, gilbert, thaks for your visit on my blog
it s a great idear that to think about registering a figaro in france
but since 2 years now, it s very complicate and it cost so much money to try to register your car.
for a technical control it s easy but it s the labour before it which is very difficult
you need to make lots of modifications on your figaro ( lights/ safety belt / rear fog / fog wire/ size of tire/)
and in the same time you need to pass a special visit in paris in UTAC
for testing the brakes / the pollution / the noise and lots of things .
of course for each one you need to pay and you ll not sure that all will be correct after...
since 2 years, i stopped the registering in cahors for the figaro...
to much time..to much money ...
if you want more information you can call me in cahors at  05 65 53 23 23
good luck

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